Extensions and Renovations

Our experts can help you decide whether an extension or a renovation is the best solution for your individual needs. We look at many variables to ensure that we understand your individual circumstances and can provide the optimal design for your dream home.

Some of the items we take into account are the existing attributes of your home and site orientation - we like to get the north sun into your living areas. We look at how you live day to day, what the optimal storage is for each area and we make sure the flow of the house works correctly. We can provide flexibility in areas that change as your family's requirements change - for example, a playroom for children can be used as a study in the future.

What’s included?
Your design concept will come with a costed estimate brief that details all the inclusions. A full specification is issued once designs are finalised ready for a HIA Fixed Price Contract.

When can you start?
In most cases, approx. six weeks after contract signing (subject to Town Planning)

Can we remain living in the house while the renovations are under construction?
Yes, in some cases the company can minimise the time away from the home with proper planning of the project. If you are able to retain a bathroom and toilet with room for some type of temporary kitchen you may be able to remain in the house with little disturbance to your family routine.